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Megan Hopkins MA, LPC

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I love kids! And I absolutely love getting

to work with them! My very first job as a

teenager was being the neighborhood

babysitter and since then all of my

schooling and training has continued to

allow me to work with children and teens

in a variety of different settings. From

being a preschool teacher, to a nanny, a

counselor, and now on personal level a

mom, all of these jobs have allowed my

passion for working with kids and teens to

continue to grow. My love for working

with kids and teens also extends to 

working with their entire family.

My approach to counseling is family 

focused because when one member of

the family is struggling, it is bound to 

have an impact on the entire family.

Sometimes this will mean working with

just part of the family but often times I find it helpful to my clients to have at least one other family member be a part of their therapy process. I will offer individual, couples and family or group counseling depending on your individual needs. 

My career as a Licensed Professional Counselor began at Annie's Hope: The Bereavement Center for Kids. I worked with Annie's Hope for 6 years as their Horizons Coordinator. In this role, I supported families who were anticipating the death of a family member from a terminal illness. From my personal and professional experience with grief I understand that each person's grief is unique and so is my approach to working with my clients. I use a variety of therapeutic tools when working with children, teens and families and tailor each session to my clients' needs. Some of the tools I use include music, journaling, games, books, and art. This allows my clients to use skills and hobbies they already have in new and useful ways to help rebuild or redefine their life during difficult times.

In 2010, I opened my own private practice office to continue working with grieving kids and adults as well as those struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, parent-child conflicts, divorce and remarriage, depression and suicide. 

Another resource that I began offering my clients in 2014 is a support group called L4: Learning to Live, Love and Laugh. This support group is for girls of all ages. Groups are currently unavailable, but I hope to provide this resource again soon.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies from University of Missouri-Columbia. I then continued my education at Saint Louis University where I received my Master of Arts in Counseling and Family Therapy. 

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