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Grief Counseling

There are two certainties in life that are common across all cultures and generations and that is that we are all born and we will all die. This is true for humans, animals and even plants. However, our society tends to ignore the fact that death does happen. When you or your family are effected by death of someone significant, everything changes. Even doing things that were once easy daily tasks can seem overwhelming. 

So many factors play a part in what your grief will look like; how did this person die, what was your relationship like with this person, is this your first experience with grief, and the list goes on and on. Grief doesn't look the same and certainly isn't experienced the same by all individuals. Even within a family, each family member's needs and struggles can be vastly different. Your grief is unique and so is my approach to working with you. I use a variety of therapeutic tools in addition to talk therapy such as music, journaling, games, books, and art. This allows you and your family to use skills and hobbies you already have in new and useful ways to help you rebuild and redefine your life during difficult times.


There are two types of grief counseling that I offer.

  •  Anticipatory Grief Counseling- support for you and your family before a death happens. This is commonly used when a family member is diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness. 

  • Traditional post death Grief Counseling- support for you and your family can begin immediately after a death occurs or anytime during your grief journey. 

It is a privilege for families to allow me to support them and be there with them during one of life's most difficult moments. Let me help you create your new normal. 

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