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Family Counseling

A family is a system of people who affect us throughout our daily lives, whether it is direct or indirect. For better or worse, our families will have a huge impact on our lives. For some, family can be the people who are always there to support us no matter what. Yet for others, family can be so overwhelming and influence us to feel stressed through our interactions with them. You do not often hear a friend say they want a toxic relationship with their family, although sometimes that is exactly what has formed after years of dysfunctional interactions. At Hopkins Counseling, the goal is to allow everyone in a family to have opportunity to have open an honest discussion with one another.

When it comes to family interactions, our expectations can be a large source of misunderstandings and potential disagreements with other family members. In our day to day lives we tend to believe we know what someone is thinking or what they will do.  Although without an open discussion, two people may have very different interpretations of the same situation. Family counseling allows an opportunity for family members to have this open discussion in a safe environment that encourages progress towards healthy family interactions. 


Take a minute to think if you have ever expected for someone to act in a particular manner and found yourself upset when they did not fulfill this self-made expectations? How great would it be if your family had a clear understanding of what was expected from each family member, do you believe it could improve your relationships?


It is your life, what kind of impact will your family have on you? 

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