L4: Learning to Live, Love and Laugh

Helping girls of all ages learn how to LIVE life to its fullest, LOVE without the fear of being hurt and LAUGH as much as possible. This group allows girls to empower and support each other with individual and group goals. Creative tools such as music, art, and games will be used along with discussion to help group members learn how to live a happy and healthy life both physically and mentally.

Confidence is the #1 defense against bullies and peer stress. Help the girls in your life to be confident & strong girls!

Group Topics Can Include:

  • Self-Esteem

  • Peer Pressure

  • Body Image

  • Negative Self-Talk

  • Peer Issues

  • Bullying

  • Stress Management and Coping Skills

  • How to deal with depression, anxiety, & self-harm

Now offering L4 groups for elementary, middle and high school girls!

The group meets for 6 weeks and is offered 2-3 times a year. Cost is $25 per week.

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